Looking for more information? Hover your mouse over any part of our People Energy bill to find out more about anything on our invoice.

<h1>On Time Saver Discount: <br> This is Pay on Time Discount applicable for the invoice.</h1><h1>Account Debited Date: <br> This is the date that the due amount will be Direct Debited out of your account.</h1> <h1>Account Number: <br>This is your account number, it is an eight digit number. This number will appear on all of your People Energy correspondence.</h1> <h1>Billing Period: <br> This section states the period of your billing. It is the first and last day that the invoice covers.</h1> <h1>Your Details: <br> The address People Energy use for all of your customer communications.</h1> <h1>People Energy Discount:<br>Describes the People Energy discount related to your account.</h1> <h1>Opening Balance: <br> Details any outstanding monies owing from a previous invoice period.</h1> <h1>Payment Received: <br> Shows previous payments received to cover the invoice prior.</h1> <h1>Type of Invoice: <br> This is the type of invoice you have received.</h1> <h1>Adjustments: <br> This is either a credit or a debit to ensure your account is accurate. E.g. if we gave a $20 credit for a goodwill gesture, that will appear as an adjustment prior to the invoice usage and concessions being applied.</h1> <h1>Balance Carried Forward: <br> This is your account balance directly before we add the current charges for your billing period.</h1> <h1>Current Charges: <br> These are the charges relevant for the invoice billed period.</h1> <h1>Concession: <br> This is any state or government concessions applicable to your account.</h1> <h1>GST: <br> This is known as Goods and Services Tax</h1> <h1>Amount Due: <br> This is the amount due before any pay on time discounting is applied.</h1> <h1>On Time Saver Discount: <br> This is Pay on Time Discount applicable for the invoice.</h1> <h1>Marketing Message: <br> This is the section in which you will see our latest marketing messages and offers.</h1> <h1>Account Enquiries: <br> This is the number you call if you have any queries regarding your account.</h1> <h1>Faults and Emergencies: <br> This is the number you call if you have a fault or an emergency regarding your electricity.</h1> <h1>Our Details: <br> This includes our web address, email address, and postal address.</h1> <h1>Issue Date: <br> This is the date of your invoice being issued.</h1> <h1>Invoice Number: <br> This is your invoice number, it is a twelve digit number.</h1> <h1>Amount Due: <br> This is the amount due without any pay on time discounts. If you miss the due date, this is how much to pay.</h1> <h1>Pay On Time Discount: <br> This is the amount you will pay once your account has successfully been Direct Debited.</h1>